Moving on…

Writer’s write…but for me lately, not so much.  When I teach, students often ask how to work through writer’s block (or writer’s blah, since most of what is written when blocked is blah).  When asked, I pour through plenty of creative ideas to help break through the fog and prod their pens forward.

These days though, I’m more apt to write my grocery list than write a poem.  Or I convince myself it’s as creative to smash stuff and redesign into mosaic art, as it is to ponder and produce a new blog entry.  Again though, writers write!

I did not plan it this way, but it is 2 years ago today my mother died (a bit more than that for my father).  Not long after Mom died I wrote about a dream I had – .  In the dream, I am trying to protect her from broken glass, which can be interpreted to represent transformation.

The other night I had a similar dream.  This time though, my mother was young and beautiful and smiling, my father quite dapper.  Again, the broken glass…again, transformation?

As much as I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, it is time for a change, time to get unstuck.  Giving it some amount of thought, maybe I allowed this ‘topic’ to block or blah me from moving on to other writing.  There is probably even some guilt associated with moving on.  You know…don’t want them to feel forgotten.

But writers write!  Next week, I’ll start a new blog (weekly’ish).  Still working out its direction – inevitably various and random, including eldercare when appropriate.  I’m feeling good about it, and hope you are too.

Just before waking from that last dream, I heard my father’s deep voice say, “Get off your ass and write!”  And he seldom cursed…so I’m paying attention!

PS…Most of us feel besieged at times with technology overload.  I’ll be going through my blog e-blast list to tidy it up a bit.  If you want to be removed, please just let me know (I won’t feel hurt…well, maybe a little).  Chocolate helps…


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12 Responses to Moving on…

  1. Dotty Rashba says:

    Don’t worry Elizabeth. Your parents will never be forgotten. Twenty years since my dad passed, six for my mom, at times it is like yesterday. As children we never stop missing our parents (assuming we had good ones) and so you can move on and write about other things, free to know they will always be remembered.
    Looking forward to your new adventure in writing!
    Let us know if you ever make it up this way.

    • hereisakiss says:

      So good to hear from you, Dotty! I am also looking forward and hopefully my muse is too! And I’d love to come visit again. Will keep you both in mind on future north FL travels…Hugs

  2. Kerry says:

    So much, of who we are, and what we become, are because of, and in spite of our parents. Just because you are not writing about them, does not mean, they are not in your thoughts and your words. They will be there. In one form or another. They are part of you.

  3. Don Lowe says:

    Well, please include me in the next endeavor. I certainly enjoyed this one! Don Lowe

  4. Susan Powers says:

    Hey — I was upset at first when I realized you were talking about ending the blog, but then I saw that you are talking about transforming the blog! Seems like a good idea to me … you will be opening the door wider and letting all kinds of important ideas in and out.

    I look forward to seeing the direction you take!


  5. dale says:

    Chocolate does help. Please include me.

  6. Dave Cyr says:

    I will miss this, Elizabeth. But I will continue to enjoy whatever you do that is new. Definitely keep me on the list, for your new endeavor(s). —- Changes happen. We often miss what we leave behind. Sometimes we need to leave something behind … to make room for something new. And in the new, we inevitably find something that is good, exciting, or unexpectedly welcome.

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