Saturday morning and nothing to do…

It’s Saturday morning and this day has been X’d-out on my calendar for weeks – no place to go, nothing that must be done!  I’ve been guarding this day like my own radiant rainbow.  No alarm clock wakes me and I pour my first cup of coffee to a sunny spring day, then walk outside with the dog to enjoy it.

She heads around to the front gardens and I follow her, my thoughts as random as the ‘rows’ of columbine I stop to admire.  And beside these exotic blooms, the garlic chives look more robust than ever.

I pinch a bulb from the end of one stem, then bring it close to savor the scent.  And though my Italian mother would wrinkle her nose when a recipe called for garlic, it is easy to conjure memories of her within the swirl of its pungent aroma.

Even as I walk by the fragile and fragrant lily of the valley, Mom stands there reminding me to add a pinch of sugar to the tomato sauce, telling me to fix my hair “it looks like hell”, protecting me from my childhood night demons … loving me the best way she knew how.

And now, I have brought the bulb inside with me and again, breathe deeply.  The scent is still there, though not as striking.

There are things I wish my mother and I had been able to talk about, disagreements we never resolved.  At the time, they seemed as overwhelming as the smell of garlic chives and now … are difficult to recall.

And here is a link to an excellent article about senior home care costs and options –

 Mom, Nonie (her mother), Aunt Laura (her sister) - Looks like they've just been caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing!
Mom, Nonie (her mother), Aunt Laura (her sister) –
Looks like they’ve just been caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing!  Love this shot…hate the wallpaper!


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