Vmail from hell

So, Kohl’s is after Mom again.  Recently, on our CT vmail, there were several disconnects and then finally a message, unlike any I’ve ever received.  It went something like this-

We are calling for Marigia Thomas.

If you are not Marigia Thomas, please hang up and call us back at 800… (sure thing)

If you are Marigia Thomas, please listen to the following message.  I will give you 3 seconds before continuing, so that you may hang up if you are not Marigia Thomas.

By continuing to listen, you are confirming you are Marigia Thomas.  You shouldn’t listen to this message if you are not Marigia Thomas, because it contains information of a personal nature.  (that should stop anyone who hasn’t already hung up)

Please hang up if you are not Marigia Thomas.  I will give you 3 seconds before continuing, so that you may hang up…

I kid you not!  What a dumb message, but … how could I not call back?  It was just begging for a call-back.

After waiting on hold for about 15 minutes, I identified myself to the representative (should have lied and said I was my mother) and asked what this was about.  Of course, she couldn’t give me any information, since this was a sensitive matter and she could only talk to Marigia Thomas.  At that point I told her my mother had passed away and if this was about her Kohl’s account, they were not getting anymore money from me/her or anymore phone calls returned!!

She hesitated long enough for me to know Kohls was a good guess.  She then wanted to update my mother’s account with a copy of the death certificate and my POA paperwork, along with a current address ( here we go again, read https://hereisakiss.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/paying-up/ ).  A current address????

Let me set the phone down and I’ll be right back…

On another note … Thanks to ‘A Place for Mom’ for this comprehensive list of essential documents we should have for those we care for (or in my family’s case, before we start to care for them).  And we should all consider putting this information together for our own children to have stored away about us):  http://www.aplaceformom.com/senior-care-resources/articles/essential-documents



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4 Responses to Vmail from hell

  1. dale says:

    OMG. I think you have a law suit. At the very least they should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for harrassment

  2. Reggie Marra says:

    I get those recorded messages with the “please hang up if you are not…” for complete strangers. I wonder what the % effectiveness is for collecting debts…um, can you spell Z-E-R-O boys and girls? Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth.

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