On the morning of December 14, 2012…

On the morning of December 14, 2012 a group of 6th graders from East Hartford Middle School and a group of senior citizens from Senior Care of East Hartford gathered to honor the final day of a 4-day inter-generational creative writing program called ‘Word Waves: Living Out Loud’.  We’d been writing together for 2 weeks and in front of an audience of 100+, this was our culminating celebration of voices and poetry. 

It is difficult to express (and I am a word person) how much this program meant to me and hopefully to those involved.  There were 30 young writers and 10 not-so-young.  Each session was designed to be collaborative in both writing and sharing out loud. 

The energy in the room was often off the chart, as it tends to be when creativity is sparking and yet there were so many sweet moments.  The young folks should be applauded for their assistance and patience and respect of their elders, who (for the most part) are probably still talking about what a grand time they had.

We’d like to thank the East Hartford Fine Arts Commission for funding the program and the East Hartford Middle School for providing youth and space.  As well, a big hug goes to Senior Care of East Hartford (particularly Gina Mattei-Ahearn) for helping create this opportunity.  Looking forward to doing it again!

I’d like to share a few of the group poems with you –

Who do you think I am?

I am
the color blue –
the sound of rain drops
on a chilly day,
like the sky
on a nice sunny day,
like waves crashing
on a silent, cloudy day.

I am
the color red
like an apple
fresh from a tree.

I am
white like a flame
calm like a light.

I am a growling bear,
a feisty cat,
a dove


Happy is the color green
like trees and grass
and nature.

It happens when
I am outside.

If you could smell happy
it would smell like the bark of a tree
or the scent of fresh-cut grass
and it would feel
like soft grass
between my toes.

Home is…

Home is
the color of the blue sky
filling my house,
the color of peace
just like the skies upon it,
the color of autumn leaves
falling past my window.

I smell boiled potatoes and pork,
fried chicken,
cake for dessert.

I hear my sister on the phone
freaking out,
then gradually sounding softer.

I feel the nice, fuzzy fur
of my cat
as I stroke her across the stomach.

Home is…


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6 Responses to On the morning of December 14, 2012…

  1. Gary Glazner says:

    What a wonderful program. Such a powerful contrast to that day’s heartbreak. Thank so much for sharing this. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  2. hereisakiss says:

    Thanks, Gary…and yes, baby steps toward change.

  3. dwlcx says:

    This is wonderful. I once led a similar workshop in Castleton, NY, pairing middle school students with seniors at an assisted living facility. Their task was to write about “on the day I was born.” It’s all yours if you ever want to use it. Peace.

  4. hereisakiss says:

    I love the ‘on the day I was born’ idea…Thanks!

  5. Michelle says:

    Beautiful poems! Truly lovely.

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