Peace and peace and peace, everywhere…

Peace and peace and peace, everywhere…

I was almost going to complete this entry on that thought.  Peace everywhere.  Period!  I’m a writer though and my thoughts tend to straggle behind (or lead the way).  They stop to dig holes and climb trees, to splash in puddles and make messy.  They hurry off the path to hide, then reach out and grab your ankle.  They peek through keyholes and savor a second cup of coffee.  See…already I am off track!

What I sat down to write about though, was sending out the Christmas cards this year.  I keep my addresses on labels and before printing them, they needed an update.  You can tell so much from a yearly ‘update’.

On a positive note, there were 2 new babies to add, 1 adoption, 2 new dogs and 1 marriage.  There were also 2 divorces, but 1 reconciliation, a name change, several relocations.  As well, a few people have passed on (Love you, Mom!).

I almost didn’t send out cards this year (and there are many cards still waiting on a stamp).  Cards and their sentiment seem meaningless after the grief of the past week.  In the end though, it is usually the small things that matter.  The kind gestures, the smile or nod that acknowledges each of us as meaningful.  The pat on the hand, the hug, the card you receive in the mail to let you know someone is thinking about you.  Each considerable…and all are steps toward healing.

I was thinking a lot about my mom while writing out the cards.  I still laugh out loud when recalling one of the last times I helped her with her Christmas cards.  Read on

For each of you who visit this blog, but are not on my card list…I wish you peace.

peace and peace


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4 Responses to Peace and peace and peace, everywhere…

  1. dwlcx says:

    Peace to you too Elizabeth!

  2. Deborah Szabo says:

    I haven’t managed to get it together to send cards for about the past four years, but reading your post inspired me to try again. However, just in case the inspiration doesn’t last long enough to get a stamp on your card, here’s wishing you a warm, harmonious, and, of course, peaceful new year. Looking forward to seeing you in Newburyport.

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