Things we shouldn’t do (or not)…

Okay, I say this without hesitation.  A good thing about being post-50 is AARP magazine.  I love reading it and enjoy their website (

This morning I clicked on ‘Things We Should Probably Never Do after 50’ written by Jacquelyn Mitchard and wound up spitting hot coffee all over my keyboard.  Though each item on the list is ponderable and makes one consider things like ‘what age would be okay to try to break a plank with your head’ … two items made me spit:

1. Playing basketball in high heels – I’m not graceful on a good day and the idea of sparkly pink spike heels (all about the glam) and orange basketballs … made for a messy work area.

2. Single spacing your Christmas letter – Enough said!

I just came back from a healthy wog (mostly walking, a bit of jog).  The air is clean, my heart thumping and I’m still getting a kick out of the image of high heels on a basketball court.  Doesn’t matter how old you are!

Another thing she mentions not doing post-50 is karaoke after jello shots.  Or maybe you should just never do karaoke … And along that line, I would add – You shouldn’t drink tequila through a funnel (at any age) even if you did just win the hula hoop contest at Rick’s Bar in Key West.

And now I’m looking forward to reading the article entitled ‘Is Gray the New Blonde’ … Let’s hope so!

And a big shout-out goes to ‘A Place for Mom’.  Over the past month I received emails from 3 different people in need of relocating their moms or dads (even an aunt).  They had no idea where to begin and I suggested as a place to start.  On the website you’re asked for a bit of information and in one case, they called while I was still on the phone with my friend.  And in all 3 situations, they were able to help.  Nicely done…


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2 Responses to Things we shouldn’t do (or not)…

  1. cortezsharkman says:

    Wow, I never even thought to read AARP. I have a stereotype in my mind of old golfing men and wrinkly women wearing too much cake make up. I can’t shake that! So I’ll just read your recaps…

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