Senior housing options…

In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned a group of friends.  We’ve known each other forever (one since 3rd grade) and refer to ourselves as ‘The Daughters of Diminished Capacity’.  Throughout the year, we party and vacation and enjoy each other’s company.  During sad times we are there to cry and during happy times we celebrate.

And as we age (and our parents age), we discuss how we hope things will turn out.  For years, we’ve talked about communal living … our own elder commune.  Someplace to drink a cocktail while watching the sun set over an indigo ocean.  Someplace with a fence by the water, so we do not drown and private bathrooms for everyone!

In a recent ‘A Place for Mom’ newsletter, they explain options for senior care and two in particular – assisted senior living and residential care.  Neither of these options are what most of us understand as ‘nursing home/convalescent care’.  They are both more independent choices.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my mom lived in an assisted senior living center for a few years (until she was ‘kicked out’ … see  It is a beautiful, well-run place called ‘The Retreat’ in Hartford.  They provide in-house care, lots of activities, transportation, games, 3 meals a day, housekeeping, a community garden, companionship and a wonderful staff.  And they are affordable (subsidized).

While living there, Mom had her own efficiency apartment and made a few friends, came and went often.  Of course, being Mom, she complained about it most of the time (love you, Mom).

After reading the newsletter, a residential living option might have been a better choice for her … but being Mom, she still would have probably complained.  Residential living though, sounds like what the Daughters are talking about, minus the fenced-in ocean.  Cocktails optional.

From the newsletter, “Care homes (also called group homes, board and care homes or adult family care homes) are regular houses in residential neighborhoods that have been adapted to accommodate a handful of elderly residents and their caregivers.”

Sounds like an elder commune to me and it just might be an option worth looking into for your mom and/or dad … or for your future self.  Cheers!


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2 Responses to Senior housing options…

  1. cortezsharkman says:

    Yes, yes, as we boomers retire, I expect many changes to the traditional senior care/assisted living facility staple. As a designer of commercial kitchens, I already see menus evolving toward the more healthy and progressive, fryers being eliminated, hiring chefs with their menus featuring fresh herbs instead of “dietary managers,” culinary classes, etc. Sometimes small bars are included (here-here). I expect to soon be able to design a sushi bar into an ALF!

  2. hereisakiss says:

    Sounds like a new direction. Love it!! You can come design the Daughters’ tiki bar!

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