On packing…

My husband and I are moving.  I’ve been in this house for almost 30 years.  He’s been here with me for 15 plus.  A lot of stuff to clean out and decide what to take.  The home we bought is about half the space we currently have.  Not much closet, no basement.

As I’m sorting, there are constant reminders of both my parents – photos, of course (and I’m nothing if not messy and random with my pictures and where they’re kept), but other items that alternately make me cry and laugh:

  • Several of Mom’s pocketbooks – I’ve given a couple away and will use her last bag myself (a purple and green swirly number that surprised and delighted me when she bought it).

    But, the pocketbook I cannot part with is a brown faux leather bag given to her by my father.  It came with brown boots (I’ve yet to find) and he told her it was real leather.  She was so impressed with that bag.  “Feel this,” she’d say.  “It’s real.”

  • The other day, I found my father’s drivers license.  The photo broke my heart.  A luminous smile … and the comb-over.
  • His green strong box (the one for bills) – No one has any idea what the combination is to open it, but it’s coming with me.
  • Mom’s wooden rolling pin, the one she used for apple pie and ravioli – I’m not a dough-rolling type of gal, but it has been sitting on a shelf in my writing room for years and will sit on a shelf in my new writing room.
  • The wooden cross that hung above my parent’s bed – I’m guessing one of my brother’s would like to have it.
  • Yesterday, we went to dinner at a friend’s house and I wanted to make key lime pie to bring.  Must have packed all the pie plates, but there above the cabinets was Mom’s ceramic pie dish with a cover shaped like an apple, made by a cousin.  Ate the pie and the plate is now packed.
  • Dad’s writing journals and a letter he wrote his sisters when he was in the war.

And an interesting article from AARP magazine about ‘old debt’.  You should pay your debts, but… http://www.aarp.org/money/credit-loans-debt/info-06-2012/dusting-off-old-debt.html


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4 Responses to On packing…

  1. Liz Maloney says:

    I dread the day I will have to pick and choose which of my Mom’s things to keep or give away…I hope she is right and will live to be very old, 85 is not as old as it once was she says…she wants to see me at 70 and using a scooter thing riding with her on our way to foxwoods bingo…I hope she is right… Good Luck with Your Move and thankyou for sharing .

  2. Dave Cyr says:

    Elizabeth ~ Wow- good luck with your move. The last time I moved was 27 years ago, when Patty and I got married. I am NOT looking forward to the next move … whenever that will be. Oh, and a belated reply to your last blog entry, “Paying Up”: Sometime after my father died, I had received for a second (or third) time, some sort of solicitation in the mail (not a bill), and I wanted to stop the mailings. So, using “Toxica” font, (which looks like it came off of an old, crooked typewriter), I printed out a note that read something like “…you continue to mail (whatever it was) to a dead man. Please do not mail (whatever ..) to a dead man.” I received no further mailings from them after that. – Dave

    • hereisakiss says:

      Perfect, Dave!! They are probably still passing the letter around the office. My Dad recently received solicitation for life insurance. Maybe I should send it in…you think?

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