Sometimes you just have to laugh…

I continue to avoid writing.  Not just this blog, but all kinds of writing.  I’ll sit down with pen in hand and remember clothes need to go in the dryer or the garden is dry.  And off I go, anywhere but my desk.  Then last night on a long drive home from Bethel I thought, why not focus on the humorous.  Focus (at least in this blog) on what prompts laughter.

The book I’ve been working on (Here is a Kiss) was originally entitled ‘Sometimes … You Just Have to Laugh’.  And having lived through what my family did for 15 years with both parents, if we couldn’t find the funny in situations … we’d have pulled out our hair, and then pulled out theirs.

A quick story that still has me giggling –

Since both Mom and Dad were affected by apraxia (a left-side brain disorder characterized by the inability to make proper use of a known object), there was so much they had to relearn, including the correct use of table utensils.

One evening at dinner while both were still in-patient in a rehabilitation facility, my mother began to taunt my father, because he was eating his pudding with a butter knife.  Her sensitivity meter began at zero and never seemed to budge much.

It was one of the first times since his stroke that he was trying to eat on his own, uncertainly with his left hand.  I was impressed, butter knife or not.  I asked Mom to be nice and stop teasing (#4 on the list of ‘things you never thought you’d say to your mother’), but not before noticing she was cutting her meatloaf with a soup spoon.

Sometimes you just have to laugh …

Several years ago I was driving to the Cape alone and Mom knew I was heading out after dark.  Phone message she left me –

Hello!  This is your mother.  You’re probably in your car … alone … so just don’t go picking anyone up from the side of the road.  I don’t care who it is.  Not even if it is an old lady.  You never know what might be in her pocketbook.  Just leave her there.

Lastly, the link of the week goes to CT Watchdog’s Ron Winter.  He writes a column called, Granny Snatching.  Here’s an excellent selection on tips to help avoid nursing homes –

Like she said…


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2 Responses to Sometimes you just have to laugh…

  1. dale says:

    Yes, there is laughter in everything. That’s what’s got me thru the last few weeks. Your stories are so funny. The visual is histerical. So now I know what got you through all those tough years. You are such a wonderful daughter. So patient and kind. Always finding the good in everything and every bad situtaion. Luv ya.

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