At 54…

At fifty-four (and yes, I had to do the math), when I chat with friends, our children are no longer the center of our conversations.  Instead, we often talk about our elderly parents and the various questions and decisions we’re faced with, ranging from healthcare to finances to questions about their ability to drive.

We worry they don’t have enough to keep their minds / bodies busy and we worry they will try to do too much.  Often our conversations are poignant and hard to imagine, but as often, we laugh so hard we spit our wine.  I believe God gives us both sides (including the wine) to allow us to manage with grace.

We are living longer and living well for longer periods of time. This has created a growing area of health care and services. Elder care encompasses a wide variety of issues, including choosing an appropriate physician, making decisions about moving an elderly person from the home environment to a residential care setting or moving a parent home with you.

Persons age 65 and older are the fastest growing segment of America’s population. Many elderly people are living healthy, active, and independent lives. However, as more people reach their 80s and 90s, the number of elderly needing assistance with daily living increases, along with the responsibilities of those who provide care for them.

I was sent this link from Connecticut Community Care, but it goes beyond Connecticut.  It is an interesting read (the page is a bit busy, but the article worth the desktop frenzy) –


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