Moms (or Dads) say the darndest things…

For the next couple weeks, I’m asking readers to send short stories to make us all smile:

From Deb-

I went horseback-riding when I was in Mexico. My sister posted a photo of me and the horse on my mom’s bulletin board at the nursing home. In the photo, I’m wearing my hair up under a baseball cap and it’s not the best picture of me.

On one visit:
Mom: Who’s that with the horse
My sister: It’s Deb. She went horseback riding in Mexico
Mom: That’s a long way to go to ride a horse.

The latest exchange:
Mom: That picture of the horse – who is that person?
My sister: It’s Deb – she went to Mexico on vacation.
Mom: With a horse?

Love it!  Thanks, Deb…

And this from Judy (while watching Lady Gaga on TV with her mother) –

Miriam (Judy’s mom): what kind of dress is that she’s wearing? She’s falling out of it.
Judy:  I think she’s wearing a skin-colored undergarment.
Miriam: Does she write her own songs?
Judy: Yes, she’s very creative.
Miriam: I like her songs, but I can’t understand a word she says because she mumbles.
(My mother’s head falls down on her chest; she has nodded off in front of the TV. Something really cool is happening, so I say “Mom, did you see that?”  She jumps, startled, and opens her eyes.)
Miriam: I wasn’t asleep. I was resting my eyes.
(Her head falls back down on her chest, so I take this picture. I won’t show it to her, however, because she’ll say the camera is wrong. I figure that years from now, I’ll want that picture to look at and smile at the memory.)

Judy's mom watching Lady Gaga...



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2 Responses to Moms (or Dads) say the darndest things…

  1. hereisakiss says:

    Elizabeth…I really wanted to send you love and hugs and peace and whatever else you need to help you through these dark days. I admire your call out to people to post funny things on your blog. A little sense of humor goes a long way during any time of life, but especially now.

    I am sure your mother was very proud of who you are, even if she didn’t completely understand it. And I know how much you loved your mother, even though there were parts of her you didn’t understand. Based on your writing, it sounds to me in a way, that your love for each other got less complicated as you began to know the complexities of each other more. That’s a neat paradox to be living.

    I look forward to the next time I see you, so I can give you a real hug…Andrea

  2. hereisakiss says:

    Andrea…I love what you say “your love for each other got less complicated as you began to know the complexities of each other more. That’s a neat paradox to be living.” Wow! I’m looking forward to the hug!

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