To laugh or not to laugh…

Let me start by saying, “Laugh!”  Feel better?  Of course, you do.  I received an email from someone who was uncomfortable with aging-humor.  Sorry!  If I couldn’t laugh sometimes, I would be curled up crying all the time.  And let’s face it.  My mom is often funny.  And deep down…she knows it.  Is it disrespectful?  Don’t think so.  I think it is appreciative and creates memories I will feel blessed to have someday…like –

Mom – Your brother makes better peanut butter and hash than you do!

Mom – Where’s my blowjob (nebulizer)?

Mom – That nurse thinks her shit doesn’t stink.  Mine does, and she knows it!

Mom – I think you need to change the batteries in my ears.

Mom (after receiving several phone calls from me over the course of a week or so) – What?  You think I’m dying or something?

A friend recently talked about how exhausted she was being a caregiver for her mother.  How overwhelmed.  Many of us have been there (or will be).  I try to keep this blog upbeat, but there are often times when it is hard to breathe.  When this happens, what I try to remember all the conversations that start with, “You are so lucky your mother is still alive…”


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7 Responses to To laugh or not to laugh…

  1. Charlene sparks smith says:

    Love the blowjob convo lol is will one day be my mommy!

  2. Susan B says:

    This is wonderful Elizabeth. Humor is the best medicine.

  3. deb pettinato says:

    I inspire to be just like her. 🙂
    She has and always will.

  4. Ali Colapietro says:

    I too hear those words when the going gets tough with my elderly Mom….atleast she is still alive & with us..sorry to hear about your Moms passing Elizabeth.

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