A phone conversation (sort of)

I’ve been out of state and haven’t seen my mother in a few weeks.  I miss her and call often, but she seldom picks up the phone.  I like to think she is out for coffee with my brother or aunt, but it is as likely she doesn’t hear the ringing.  The other day though, she picked up.

Me – Good morning, Sunshine!

Mom – Hello! Hello!

Me – Hey Mom!

Mom –Who’s there?

Me – Me!

Mom – Damn phone!  (and then it sounds like she’s banging the receiver on a table)

Me (shouting so loud they could probably hear me down the street) – Mom, it’s me.  Your daughter.

Mom – Water?

Me – Daughter!  Elizabeth!  Where are your hearing aids?

Mom – My ears!  Where are my damn ears?

Me – I love you!

Mom – They’re here someplace.  (sheets rustling and the sound of a crashing cup)

Me (again, shouting loudly) – I love you!

A neighbor – Love you too!

Maybe it’s better she doesn’t answer the phone…


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