Happy Birthday, Mom!

Saturday was my mother’s birthday.  I walked into her room about 9am to bring her to breakfast with the family.

Me – Happy Birthday to YOU!  Happy Birthday to YOU!

Her favorite nurse’s aide – How old are you, Maria?

Mom – I think I’m 85, but I feel 16, maybe 17.

Me – Really?  Wish I felt young like that.

I start packing up her oxygen tank and she says – Don’t bring that damn thing.  It makes me look old!

In the car we talk about when she was young(er).

Me – How old were you when you met Dad?

Mom – Met who?

Me – What did you guys do on your first date?

Mom – Your father took me to the park and we necked.

Me (giving her the look) – You necked on your first date?

Mom – What?  You don’t think we smoochey koochey’d?

Me – Not on your first date!!  Did he get to second base?

Mom – We weren’t playing baseball!!!

Me – How long did you date before you got married?

Mom – About a month.

Me – That’s all?

Mom – He knew some other boy would ask if he didn’t.  I was a catch, you know!

Me – Yes, Mom…You were definitely a catch!

June 1946, Just married

At breakfast, I wanted a picture with her.  Here are a few…

Me - C'mon, Mom...Smile!


Mom - Take the damn picture!

Mom - I'm going to kick your ass!

Happy Birthday!


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