Giving thanks…

While visiting my mother yesterday, she asked about a poetry workshop I’ll doing there on Wednesday.  We talked as I put away her laundry.

Mom – Why do you call it a poetry workshop?  You don’t rhyme.

Me – Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.

Mom – Then it isn’t poetry.

Me – Okay, we’ll call it a writing workshop.

Mom – Good!  What are we going to write about?

Me – Thanksgiving is almost here.  We’ll write about what we are thankful for.

Mom (sarcastically) – Oh goody, goody …

Me – What are you thankful for, Mom?

Mom – I’m thankful for the food I eat.

Then she gives me the look, pauses and says-

Mom – Where did I come up with that?  The food here tastes like hell.

Me – Food we eat, dessert so sweet.  Something like that.  You know, ‘grace’ before dinner.  Actually, since it rhymes, a poem before dinner.  Ha.  Are you thankful for anything else?

Again, the look.

Mom (taking a long, satisfying drink of ginger ale and reminding me so much of my father when she nods her head and burps) – I can’t think of anything.  My brain has bubbles in it.

Me – You aren’t thankful for anything else?  Not even the ginger ale?

Mom – I pay for this ginger ale, you know.  They should be thanking me.

Me – Well, I’m thankful to be sitting here with you … watching bubbles come out of your ears.

Mom (hands to her ears, looking up) – Really?

Me – Yes, Mom … really.

Thank you for the world so sweet;
Thank you for the food we eat;
Thank you for the birds that sing;
We thank you, God, for ev’rything.

And a big ‘Thank YOU’ to Sarah Rizzuto for suggesting this website –  Wow!


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2 Responses to Giving thanks…

  1. I love it. so poignant and sweet.

  2. dale says:

    “I have bubbles in my brain”! She has me in stitches. Oh and you are good too. Thank you for sharing.

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