What she wants…………..

These days, it can be difficult to figure my mother out.  Not that she is or ever was very complex.  Or maybe she was complex and we weren’t paying attention.  I often think about this and wish I’d known her when she was young.  I wonder if we would have been friends, if we would have enjoyed each other’s company.  I wonder what she dreamed about.

These days, when you ask her what she wants, she typically says, “I want to go home.”  And this short statement brings with it so much more weight than 5 words should carry.  Yet, when ‘pushed’ to explain, she’ll insist on a ride in the car and a cup of Dunkin Donut coffee.  Or maybe…

What She Wants
  For Mom

to wake feeling rested
sip strong coffee
smoke a cigarette
in peace

at the old wooden table –
scratched and scarred
smeared with paint
oh, how she yelled

when saucers spilled
spattered reds and blues
that never wiped clean
now, she’d toss the tablecloth

linger on a mismatched chair
look out the window
beyond the tree line
run through her to-do list –

change bed sheets
sweep floors
iron work shirts
bake apple pie

then get behind
the wheel
snub the seatbelt
and drive

no place in particular –
the grocery store maybe
the butcher
the old neighborhood

windows down
radio way up
cat eye sunglasses
and all that sass

still back by three
to slice the pie

Coffee and a cookbook...

A helpful website for new caregivers (and not so new) is http://www.caregiver.org, sponsored by the Family Caregiver Alliance.  A little busy, but lots of solid information.


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2 Responses to What she wants…………..

  1. k says:

    Umm that is back by three for Guiding Light not pie.

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