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Dehydration and cookies…

This past Sunday, I brought Mom to a family cookout of relatives we seldom see anymore.  While Mom sat on the back deck with her sister, eating a burger, I talked with 3 cousins (sisters, all of us within a … Continue reading

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Cooking hazards…

A friend emailed the other day.  For the second time in a couple weeks, her mother burned dinner on the stove.  Did I think she should ban cooking, unless supervised.  I couldn’t type a reply.  I was laughing too hard … Continue reading

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Transient ischemic attack (mini-strokes)

I’m blogging from a Unitarian Universalist retreat in Ferry Beach, ME.  As I type, the sound of ocean waves are my background music, along with the shouts of kids playing ‘Ninja’ in the otherwise quiet streets.  Ahhhhh… My father was … Continue reading

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Home is the place…

While visiting my mother today, Kristina (a young and generous nurse’s aide) finished helping Mom’s roommate and then came over to say “Hi” to Mom. Kristina – Maria, how are you on this fine afternoon? Mom – Ahhhh Kristina, where … Continue reading

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