Art activities

Mom and I were at recreation the other day, creating sand art.  Everyone had an outlined picture (turtles, fish, flowers) on sticky paper and tubs of different colored sand.  Kind of like a sand-by-number.  I sat a table with Mom and 3 other women.  It went something like this:

Me – Aren’t you glad we came down?

Mom – I should have stayed in bed.

Ruth – This so nice.  Someone came up with this idea to give us something to do with our afternoon.  Aren’t they nice.  Would someone please pass me the pink sand?  WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE PASS ME THE PINK SAND?

Peg – This really isn’t my kind of thing.

Mom – Shit!

Me – You’re doing good, Mom.  Just brush that extra sand onto the floor.

Ruth – Such a clever idea and isn’t it better than sitting in our rooms.

Patricia – Isn’t what better?

Ruth – This.

Patricia – What’s this?

Ruth – It’s like make believe, so it can be anything you want it to be.  (Ruth used to be a teacher and it shows)

Patricia – But, what is it?

Peg – Not my kind of thing.

Ruth – Back when I was in school, we didn’t have art with sand.  We had pencils.  This is just wonderful.

Mom – Oh Hell!

Me – You’re doing really good, Mom.  I love it!  Try not to mix the colors together, though that purple/green/yellow sand might work for the turtle’s head.

Ruth – I can’t wait to hang this in our room.  (Ruth is also Mom’s roommate)  It is beautiful, isn’t it?

Mom – Damn it!

Ruth – We should hang both our pictures where everyone will see them.

Mom – Like in the bathroom?

Ruth – That would be nice.

Peg – This isn’t my kind of thing.

Patricia – Zzzzzzz

Art activities I’ve done with my mom include:

Beading – We used large-holed wooden beads and strung them on thin jute (rope), rather than typical beading wire.

Watercolor – Just an inexpensive plastic watercolor tray and brushes.  My mother was never an ‘artist’, but I’ve saved a few of her masterpieces.

Mosaic – I love smashing dishes and then designing them into art.  I purchased some plain wooden trays and laid out broken pieces of colorful dishes.  Using tile adhesive on a popsicle stick, we applied the adhesive to various pieces, gluing each onto the tray, leaving a bit of space in between (for later grouting).  It is a little like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, but any piece of dish is the correct piece.

Other ideas??

Here are links to websites with some ideas for entertainment and activities –


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One Response to Art activities

  1. puppetpro says:

    My mother was an artist. As dementia set it, I tried getting her back into art. We tried making flowers out of bits of felt. She spent an hour trying to decide what color to make the petals. It was excruciating to watch this woman, who, only a few years back, could make exquisite flowers out of anything. As bits of her brain died, so did her memories and with them her abilities.
    And yet, she was able to look outside and see such wonders. She always would smile at the simplest little things — a sparrow in the hedge? The way the sunlight struck the step? Who knows what she saw? But it made her happy.

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