The art of Medicare

I forgot to mention in last week’s blog entry about shoe-shopping (and cloud gazing) with Mom – My mother wanted to purchase a pair of shoes that would feel so comfortable on her feet, they would send her to “another galaxy”.

Mom was a waitress for many years, on her feet all night in cheap coffee-stained shoes.  Plus, she has genetics working against her.  Hammer-toe, bunions…everything I pray not to inherit.  Looking at her feet, it is a wonder she can walk at all.  Comfortable shoes have always been a challenge.

Last week, we headed to DSW and she tried on 30 pair or so.  Each time I’d ask, “So, are you still on Earth?”  Finally, she found a pricey pair that (at least) took her to another country.

Yesterday, while talking to some friends about the shopping trip, someone mentioned Medicare would pay for shoes in particular cases.  Thinking my mother’s case extreme, I did some research.

Wanted to share what seems clear (sort of) –

Congress enacted the ‘Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill’ to provide proper footwear and inserts for people who have severe diabetic foot disease and qualify under Medicare Part B.  A doctor must certify your need and prescribe.

Medicare generally does not cover routine foot care. However, foot care services may be billed if you are actively treated by a doctor for a medical condition affecting circulation of the legs or feet.

Medicare Part B covers the services of a podiatrist for medically necessary treatment of injuries or diseases of the foot (such as hammer toe, bunion deformities and heel spurs).

For information about therapeutic shoes, you may call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or refer to the coverage information listed under Diabetic Supplies…which took me here – (  This references diabetic foot care only, which is why I’m still not certain about the bunions, etc.

Navigating Medicare is an art and after all these years, I’m still a novice.  So, not sure if Mom’s shoes are covered, but will update in a future entry.  Would also like to hear from anyone who has been down this path…hopefully in comfortable shoes.


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