The phone rang early on Tuesday morning.  The nursing home called to say Mom had fallen and needed some stitches.  More than likely, she’d gotten tangled in the hose of her oxygen tank.  I was scheduled to do an afternoon poetry workshop with the residents and by 2pm, Mom was stitched and ready to write.  She advised me to speak loudly and not feel bad if anyone fell asleep.

We wrote 3 collaborative poems and this one if my favorite.  The line “only if the sauce is made right” if from you know who 🙂


Life is beautiful
when it is full
of red roses in a vase
twelve of them
red roses
from my son.

Or when I see a rainbow
over my house
and the pot of gold
looks like a necklace
with diamonds
shaped like a heart.

Life is beautiful
when I am eating
fresh-picked strawberries
on shortcake
or spaghetti and meat-a-balls
(only if the sauce is made right)
pierogies and golumpkis
Macintosh apples in a pie
red and white wine
and the grapes that were squished
(my father-in-law used to make wine).

Life is beautiful
when I see boats on the ocean
a baby smiling
a beautiful woman…of almost 97 years
red roses in a vase
twelve of them
from my son.

Collaborative poem

My apologies to any Polish cooks (and fans) for probable misspelling…E


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4 Responses to Beautiful

  1. Deb says:

    I was thinking thaabout you and hoping that everything was all right with you mom just this morning! I hope we’re as tough as our moms are when we’re their age!

  2. Gina Campellone says:

    I love this collaborative poem! It makes me feel sad, and yet it makes me smile.

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