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I spent part of this past weekend scanning old family photos (what else do you do on a snowy Sunday morning).  Once I started, it was difficult to stop.  My mother’s sister, Virginia got me interested last week with a … Continue reading

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Conversations with Mom

My mother no longer has a social filter. Not that she ever had a strong one, but she used to make an attempt. Now, anything goes…without apology or pretense. Recently diagnosed with vascular dementia (not to be confused with Alzheimer’s), … Continue reading

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In honor of Valentine’s Day…

From the book: We were brought up Catholic and every Sunday morning my three older brothers and I were expected to go to church and listen to Father Murphy drone on about all the different ways we would go to … Continue reading

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So, how does she do that??

Of all the things my mom is no longer able to do on her own, not being able to cook is probably her biggest disappointment.  In her day, she could have hosted a daily cooking show and never made the … Continue reading

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